Day 249: The Man and the Snow Day

For the record, I’m not dead. I’m just immersed in about two feet of snow. A surprise nor’easter hit the northeast US and my snow blower broke about three feet from my front door.


I can’t help but think I asked for this. I think I might have done my snow dance a bit too much. I mean, I’m still enjoying the work from home, and knowing how miserable my coworkers, and especially my boss who hates the cold, must be. One man’s misery is another man’s pleasure after all.


Anyways we’re supposed to get even more overnight into tomorrow. The first day of Spring is this Monday and we’re supposed to get two straight days of snow. So you know…that’s a thing to consider. Anyways, if you’re in warmer places, I don’t necessarily envy you since I love the snow and the cold. And if you’re anywhere near the northeast US, remember, this is what makes us tougher than everyone else. Hahah.


Day 249

Man: 216 Loneliness: 33


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Image may contain: 1 person, fruit and foodHad some free time this morning so decided to whip up a strawberry pavlova for tonight!


We had a slip and slide at work and guess who went down a 100 ft slip and slide outside in 30°F in a Santa suit! Barefoot too mind you. This is before we started. I thought my toes would fall out from how cold it was. Video upload later this week!

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