Day 202: The Man and the KISS; ‘Simple’

As in, ‘Keep It Simple┬áStupid’.

More meditation than recipe, Peaceful Cuisine on YouTube has been a calming channel I like to turn to when I’m either hungry or stressed, as it either heightens one emotion or calms the other. There is a tranquility and a harmony in the sounds of a home kitchen that, as my hero Anthony Bourdain would tell you, do NOT exist in the professional kitchens. Professional kitchens are loud, energetic, violent playgrounds. Even when cooking for a party or for a date there is music, conversation, frantic movement.

What I’ve loved about cooking for myself these past few weeks is the quiet and calm of cooking at my own pace, flavoring to my desire, steering in my direction. There is nothing over-complicated or overbearing. I have no rush, no deadline. I have been tempted at times to play music, but I get into this rhythm, this Zen, and I don’t want to draw away from it. It is in this quiet, focused, Zen state of mind that I am most at peace and yet also at my most confident and commanding.

In the spirit of KISS, I don’t want to bury you in words. I hope you find some peace in solitude.

Day 202
Man: 170 Loneliness: 32