Day 294: The Man and the Amicable Split; ‘Knackered’


Finally told my boss. Waited because a) still wanted to be able to go to Punta Cana and b) some office friends wanted to watch my boss’s reaction and see if she’d cry or lash out.

On the a) front, I’m still going. In fact, one of the first things she mentioned after I told her I was leaving was trying to make sure I would still be able to go. Yes that’s right, I’m leaving and she wanted me to go on this trip.

I mean…I made the presentation and no one else knows the material and also no one is available to travel but…let a guy feel special.

So that means next week is Punta Cana, the week after is my last (and I’ll take two personal days to end it even sooner), and the week after is Montreal and Quebec! Have to start planning that. Definitely doing it by rail. There is no form of transport more romantic. I actually have an old high school friend who lives in Montreal with her husband, and I haven’t seen them since the wedding like, three years ago, so this’ll be nice to see them again. And oh my god. The food. Montreal is doing some truly incredible things with its talented pool of young chefs.

So the conversation itself was very…strange. My manager took the sudden news of my departure surprisingly well. Actually…she sort of…counter-offered. But not really. She let me know that she applied for raises for the three of us in the department and that it might be accepted starting July, and the number was very promising (more than the offer from the other company). And she was surprisingly candid about not wanting to lose me and wishing I might consider based on the proposed pay. Leave it to Mother to talk some sense though. She wanted me to update her as soon as the conversation was done. I told her ‘counter offer is more than job offer, but it’s a proposed raise and for all three of us’. Her response was ‘oh so you’re not special. Nah, leave them’. I am full on leaning towards that, but just for the heck of it, I’ll give it the weekend to ponder and email my manager my decision.

It’s a strange feeling having almost both feet now already out the door. It’s nice to know it won’t swing shut on me at least and that there’s a nice slow gentle closing.

Now tonight I have to visit my martial arts school of the past three or so years and tell them I’m leaving them as well. I found a new school that actually focuses on one particular style, and it’s one I’ve always wanted to learn. I’ve felt absolutely knackered already with the stress of one departure but I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. If I had a girlfriend maybe I’d break up with her today too. Oh god.

Tonight it’s video games and late night food with my brother to recover. And dreams of Punta Cana and Canada.

Day 294

Man: 261 Loneliness: 33

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