Day 284: The Man and Always a Day Late; ‘Opaque’

A missed golden chance

International Haiku

was yesterday.


Established in two

thousand twelve, the heart of the

month of poetry.


One of Japan’s most

famous forms of poetry

is easy to grasp.


First, five syllables.

Second, seven syllables.

Third, same as the first.


Now, find a subject.

The seasons, nature’s beauty,

Find it all in love.

Old pond

Frog jumps in

The water’s sound

-Matsuo Basho

Find the subtlest

ways to show humor and loss

and laugh while you cry.

Over-ripe sushi

The Master

is full of regret

-Yosa Buson

Learn lessons on life,

death, and values of children.

Mistakes in snapshot.

I kill an ant

and realize my three children

have been watching

-Kato Shuson

The language and

emotions of haiku should

be clear, not opaque.


Decipher the code.

A frog is spring. Just like

melting ice and kites.


Thunder, yukata,

the shade of a young maple,

cooling in summer.


The morning breath, chilled

in the air. At night the full

moon, all signs of fall.


The feel of warm tea

cupped in my hands, as the hot

pot cooks in winter.


Simplicity gives

way to hidden meanings in

jewelry box form.


Consider me

As one who loved poetry

and persimmons

-Masaoka Shiki

Day 284

Man: 251 Loneliness: 33




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