Day 266: The Man and the Song a Day Challenge, Day 5; ‘Passport’

Last day of the song a day challenge! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the songs I’ve shared with you as much as I have. I wanted to end on a real positive uplifting and dance-worthy song to usher in the weekend and all the fun activities I’m sure we’ve all got lined up.


The Avalanches aren’t exactly new, and Since I Left You really isn’t either. In fact it was their first studio release and the song that immediately garnered a lot of attention for the Australian electronic music group. It is my favorite song of theirs, followed very closely by Frontier Psychiatrist and Because I’m Me. They are all really fun songs made primarily by sampling a whole slew of other songs, music genres, and even films. There is something about the artistry and craft of being able to find a whole other composition hidden in the lines of other pieces and fitting them all together to create something new that is really impressive but also produces a very unique and interesting sound. This ‘reclaiming’ style reminds me of ‘found poetry’ and I respect not only the original artists/creators but those who can reuse, retool, and rediscover them too. Now it’s not like there are a lot of lines to pick from in the song, but that’s okay because the only one it’s got is perfect.

Since I left you

I’ve found the world so new

Look, I get it. It’s ‘since I left you’ but the only person that got left was me. But let’s not parse words too much shall we? 

It’s the world I’ve found so new since being left that’s so important to me. If I reflect on the past 266 days, I’ve done so many new things and gone to so many new places. Been to Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, and Baltimore for the first time. Cancun, Mexico. Picked up archery. Started a blog. Did NaNoWriMo. Learned to snowboard. And I’ve got plenty more yet still. I have so many new and exciting experiences lined up in the coming months. Hell tomorrow I am going to really step out of my comfort zone, meet a whole new group of strangers to try and make some friends, and we’re going to a library that will be set up as a mini golf course to play and they’ve got wine and beer tasting all over! I mean I hope I don’t spill anything on the countless precious books in their collection but, I’m excited! All I can say is, my world didn’t get smaller when I lost her. It got bigger while I learned to find myself. And you can bet I’m gonna make sure I’ve got my passport valid and at the ready, because I want to make sure I’m ready for anything.

Get those toes a-tapping, folks!

Day 266

Man: 233 Loneliness: 33

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