Day 265: The Man and the Song a Day Challenge, Day 4; ‘Fortune’

It’s almost Friday y’all. I hope only good news and good fortune await you. I am currently surrounded by three very angry women who are very angry at each other. So you know, I’m taking a sick day tomorrow. Three day weekend.


What is there not to love about OneRepublic‘s Wherever I Go? It is the perfect pick me up song. Even the music video is great. Starring in my mind the Asian equivalent of Robert Downey Jr., the ever-versatile Kenneth Choi. You may remember him from Captain AmericaWolf of Wall Street, or more recently, his hilarious time on Last Man on Earth. Here he is playing your every day run of the mill depressed salaryman, being hopelessly and listlessly shuffled from one place to the next, trying to find the ‘magic’. He’s searching for the thing that will wake up his dormant spirit and help him escape the dull humdrum of his life. From the spontaneous dance-offs to the girl who’s clothes are blown away literally by a point of his finger to the out-of-nowhere anime, this music video has it all. But mostly, it has that ultra-satisfying grasp of destiny. Who here hasn’t wanted to just eat their coworkers chips and throw their coffee away before dancing into the sunset?! And so it is with the lyrics I’ve chosen. You can fool yourself, kid yourself, or never even talk to yourself. But there are those people who just know deep down that there is something great and wondrous and powerful to be unlocked. And this doesn’t have to be about love, or a specific person either. It’s about passion. About almost-madness. Working where you don’t want to be? With the person you don’t care about? Remember, ‘no easy love could ever make [you] feel the same‘.

Some people lie but they’re looking for magic

Others are quietly going insane

I feel alive when I’m close to the madness

No easy love could ever make me feel the same

One more day for most of you. But I’m checking out of this rat race a day early this week.

Day 265

Man: 232 Loneliness: 33

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