Day 264: The Man and the Song a Day Challenge, Day 3; ‘Territory’

Last day for mopey, I promise. I’m feeling especially soulful this Wednesday, and with plenty of things to look forward to over the weekend and beyond, I promise everything else will be happier. But just humor me one more day of slightly mopey. But more soulful. Now though the band was formed in Boston and you might not think of Boston as soul territory, you’ll find that Lake Street Dive knows how to create music you feel in your bones.

Lake Street Dive.jpg

It’s not enough to just sing the right words. Or even play the right notes. You need to feel the right emotions. You have to sell something deeper than your voice or your melody. It’s the sincerity and authenticity of the message of your song that carries further, clearer, and for longer than anything else. When you think about the inner tensions and turmoil The Beatles were going through when they recorded the White Album you appreciate Revolution and Hey Jude more. You want to believe that the person singing to you has some sort of personal connection to the song itself. Look I don’t know if Rachael Price had some sort of relational beef going on when she recorded What I’m Doing Here. I don’t even care. I just know that I feel like somewhere deep down she connected to the words and belted this beauty out in one take. And that’s damn good power and talent. The lyrics I’ve chosen below are just so sad. It is the moment of realization that this relationship, this connection, with some other person just isn’t going to last. It’s no good. It’s lacking. And what’s more, I feel like there is a sense of loss and weakness because…she can’t find the will to leave. She knows this is a fruitless love that isn’t satisfying anyone. And she has no idea what she’s doing there still. But she’s begging this other person to mercifully cut the ties, because she can’t do it herself.

There’s been so many nights

When I’ve longed for your touch

There’s been so many days

When our love was not enough

Like I said. I promise no more mopey after today. Hahah.

Day 264

Man: 231 Loneliness: 33

14 thoughts on “Day 264: The Man and the Song a Day Challenge, Day 3; ‘Territory’

    • I definitely think technique is important, but there are too many ‘technically’ skilled people out there. And that applies to anything. Chefs, writers, singers, musicians, etc. But technique is one thing and application is another. Live the art you wish to pursue.


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