Day 262: The Man and the Song a Day Challenge, Day 1; ‘Purple’

Alright so this will be a fun way to spend the week before National Poetry Month begins! I was challenged by Rugby843 to post song lyrics from 5 different songs for 5 days and share the meaning. I’m always trying to spread some musical love around so by all means, you can all get a glimpse into my playlists once more. This time, I’m limiting myself only to songs I’ve recently discovered/liked from my ‘New Sound’ playlist. It’s a playlist of only 100 songs, and whenever I add a new one I remove the oldest. Nice way to keep cycling things, you know? Sorry, recent stuff only. No Purple Rain. Hahah.

Gunship Logo

Let’s start with the British synthwave band, Gunship. Great for their retro-synth sound that brings me back to the 80s (which is weird because I was born in 1990) but you know what I mean. We’re talking neon and polyester and old arcade machines. In fact, that’s pretty much the music video for Tech Noir. I love the opening, in which our hero pens a post-apocalyptic love letter to the one he loves.

I’m recording this, because this could be the last thing I ever say

The city I once knew as home as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion

A three-hundred thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire

I’m not sorry; we had it coming

A surge of white-hot atonement will be our wake-up call

Hope for our future is now a stillborn dream

The bombs begin to fall and I’m rushing to meet my love

Please, remember me

There is no more

The song has no particularly strong personal or emotional meaning to me. It’s more about the sound and feeling of it that I really connect with. The long lingering synth tones make me think of driving at night and just enjoying watching the lights of the streets pass by. There’s something pervasively lonely and isolated about the song. And the music video is a masterpiece of claymation, reminiscent of the old classic Celebrity Deathmatch. Hahah.

Hope you enjoy. Oh and M. Gin and Karuchan, if you want to jump in on the action, you’re my challengees!

Day 262

Man: 229 Loneliness: 33

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