Day 229: The Man and the Sound of Sickness; ‘Rhythmic’

I feel bad relying on YouTube to give you the brunt of today’s post, but not nearly as bad as my head-cold. On the bright side the pressure has subsided and I’m in full-on sore throat and raspy voice mode, so I should be better by Friday. I am blazing through these stages.

Who here has seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? That has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. Remember that scene where he’s on his Casio and playing all the cough, sneeze, and vomit sounds? I swear first time I saw that I looked everywhere for an electric keyboard that could do that. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for you) I never did find a model with that capability so the sound of sickness will not be me doing the Ode to Joy through vomit effects. Instead, I wanted to turn you all on to a particularly relaxing and chill type of music I’ve been listening to at work for like, two weeks straight now. Basically, ever since I discovered it myself.

This particular style of music is called lofi, short for ‘low-fidelity’. It’s best characterized by the ‘low-fidelity’ scratch effect that the artists put on their recordings to recreate that semi-nostalgic feel of listening to cassette tape recordings. In a way that ambient, low scratch becomes as integral to the music as the actual recording. There’s something deeply relaxing and peaceful about just having this run in the background while I go about my work. There’s a serenity in the simplicity and a sincerity in the subtlety. There’s really no big production value, as lofi is still very heavily underground and the artists fairly undiscovered or just unplayed. I also enjoy the element of ‘found music’ that is perhaps a secondary characteristic of lofi. Often times you will find that these songs incorporate lines from movies or shows or take samples of other people’s tracks and tone them down to create that ambient chill effect. There is a sense of formlessness and experimentation that reminds me of old jazz. But unlike the toe-tapping high-energy frantic rhythmic jazz sessions of old New Orleans, lofi is super relaxing and almost invisible in the background. It’s just there enough to keep the mind engaged.

This particular channel has been broadcasting non-stop 24 hours a day for almost two weeks now. The man in charge of it has a library of lofi songs and artists that exceed well over 24 hours so even though it’s on a loop, you might not realize it for days. He is constantly adding to the library and for those of you on Spotify, he also has a few playlists on there to similar effect. As the name suggests, these are honestly best for relaxing, studying, or keeping yourself calm and focused during work. I don’t know why, but just watching the looped animation of the character studying and scribbling also has this calming zen effect on me. And here’s a fun little tidbit, I don’t know where the guy is based out of but wherever it is, when it’s nighttime the picture changes to dark night colors and the lamp turns on. It sounds silly but listening and watching at night makes me…not happy, but at peace.

I’m sure it is probably going to be too understated and too simple for some people, and I don’t think lofi is for everybody, but if you’ve been looking for something to just fill the quiet without overpowering it, or to help bring you a sense of calm wherever you are, I would still recommend giving it a listen. And as a side note, if I’m cooking for myself or find myself needing some solo time with a drink and a book, this is what I’ll be playing from now on.

Day 229

Man: 196 Loneliness: 33

15 thoughts on “Day 229: The Man and the Sound of Sickness; ‘Rhythmic’

  1. Found that vid as I was binge watching (or binge listening) classical songs one night. And yes… that bit with the lamp! At first, I was amazed by it, then over time I waited for it to happen just so I could sleep… Haha! It’s Saturday here! So you’re better! I hope.

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