Day 211: The Man and the ‘Leg’endary Legs; ‘Overwhelming’

The poultry farm I went to for the duck legs and breasts (which will be showing up later on in the future with another special recipe) also happened to have some particularly large and potentially promisingly juicy turkey legs that I had to play around with as well.

No Filipino twists on this one, just a kid looking at a giant meat lollipop and remembering the fun times at Renaissance Faires and State Fairs trying to manage a giant turkey leg. As much as I loved them, they were always too cumbersome, too unwieldly, too messy to really dig into and enjoy when I was outside, with no napkins, and nowhere near a functioning sink. So I was really excited to be able to treat myself to these bad boys. Hahah.

Turkey Leg Focus.jpg

I decided to make my own marinade with some vegetable oil. Sriracha (for some real KICK to these legs, get it? I crack myself up), soy sauce, mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, honey, parsley, basil, oregano, and ground ginger. I let them marinade for 24 hours basically tossing and turning whenever I remembered to and just slightly ‘massaging’ the bag to make sure the marinade had a chance to really penetrate the drumsticks. Before I put them in the bag I also took a knife and made a few cuts into the meat to let the marinade in.

Turkey Salad Focus.jpg

I am not exaggerating when I say that once they were in the oven and really started cooking the incredible aroma of the succulent roasting meat combined with that marinade created an aroma that was justΒ overwhelmingΒ and made me start drooling. I was so happy with this experiment from the smell alone I was jumping and dancing for joy in the house. (Sorry not sorry for the image Elaine! Hahah.) It was sweet and spicy and had a wonderful combination of caramelized edges with wonderfully roasted and charred bits. The meat was tender, juicy, and the marinade was able to get deep into the leg. I made a simple salad to accompany and was absolutely loving every bit of it.

Turkey Overall.jpg

Well I am full, satisfied, and chock full of turkey and salad. Hahah. Very happy with how this turned out and am excited to be cooking even more over the weekend. Now I’m off to watch Resident Evil. Can’t believe it’s the last of the series. I’ve loved every single one despite how terrible they honestly are.

Day 211

Man: 179 Loneliness: 32

22 thoughts on “Day 211: The Man and the ‘Leg’endary Legs; ‘Overwhelming’

    • Oh man. This gives me a brilliant idea! Before the family comes back I should make a ‘dancing with myself’ playlist and rock out to it! Oh that would be so much fun. God what other songs would I put on there…this is gonna be a fun project but I have to think now…


  1. Haha. Terrible? It ain’t showing here in our city yet but I also intend to watch it. The war between humans and “them” is a sight, for me. Or maybe it’s just because Milla is badass. Anyhoo, hab pun! #pinoyslang

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    • I’m flattered. Hahah. I’m just trying my best with both the writing and the cooking and I’m glad that either could bring some joy to people. I feel that both writing and cooking are by nature best when done for others. That’s when I enjoy it the most and I think that’s when I can do it the best. Because I’ll eat anything but I figure other people might have more discerning tastes. Hahah.

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