Day 201: The Man and the Open-Ended Quiz; ‘Ten’

Seems with the day’s prompt, everyone is doing top ten lists or ten x or ten y of things.

I talk a lot about myself as it is, so actually, I’d like to find out more about you. So…

Here are my ten questions that I would love to hear your answers to!

Don’t worry. (I think) they’ll be fun and interesting and unique, and nothing self-serving like ‘tell me what you like about me’. Hahah. Just fun silly questions.

For example…

  1. If your life were to be likened to a food, what would it be and why?

So think of this like…if you had to represent your life in terms of food. Maybe you’d be sushi because you’re a salty and fishy person. Hahah. Or a Sour Patch Kid because first you’re sour, then you’re sweet. Or maybe something like chicken a la king. You’re hearty, filling, but you’re made of whatever we’ve found in the kitchen and no one knows where you originally came from.

2. What is the best way for a movie to live on?

I’m sure you could easily write just ten favorite movies with no problem whatsoever. But what I want to know is, how should we celebrate a good movie? It seems original ideas are running in short supply nowadays in Hollywood, as plenty of studios are now just remaking/rehashing old fan-favorites. If you really loved a film from your youth, would you be happy to see a remake being done? Or do you think a movie’s legacy is best celebrated with sequels to continue the original story? How about a TV series that follows the main characters post-movie or a spin-off based around memorable background characters? There are plenty of ways to celebrate the movies that meant a lot to us. Book adaptations. Broadway plays. Putting them back in theatres. What would make you most excited in terms of some of your favorite movies.

3. What is a cuisine you have not had the chance to try but would like to?

At times this blog does move towards a more food-centered focus, like my lobster boil or my love affair with lamb. I’ve tried plenty under the sun but I know there’s always more to discover. For example, a lot of my former students were of Jamaican descent, and they would tell me about the food their mothers would make, and I had a chance to try a wonderfully rich and spicy goat curry when I went to Montego Bay for work, but I’d like to really try more authentic Jamaican food. Jerk chicken and pork chops and catfish. I also want to have like real pub food. Bangers and mash. Fish and chips. Shepherd’s pie. A full English with the eggs and pudding and beans and grilled tomatoes and bacon and sausage! But what about you? What cuisine’s wonders have you yet to unlock?

4. How do you pamper yourself?

We all work hard, so it’s important to play hard too. So when it’s time to kick back and relax, or maybe get kicked and pumped, what do you do? How do you take care of your own happiness, mental health, well-being, zen?

5. If you could send someone else anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would you send them?

I am giving you the power to choose any one person and send them to any location in the world. Send your archenemy to Antarctica or drop them into the heart of the Amazon jungle. Give your best friend their dream vacation to Australia or Hawaii. Maybe you feel your neighbor should make a visit to Looneyville, TX.

6. Would you rather be able to eat anything you want without getting fat or never have to sleep?

Get more done or eat more buns, y’all!

7. What was the last most vivid dream you recall having?

Creative minds should result in some very interesting and complex dreams. So what was the last one that really made an impression, enough to still remember?

8. If I gave you the power to go back in time, would you choose to go back 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years?

Keeping in mind wherever you go, you will continue on from that point but keeping everything you know now.

9. What happens to you when you get hungry?

Are you a hangry Hulk or a peckish pea-brain? When hunger strikes, how are you affected?

10. What is something almost everyone notices about you immediately upon meeting you?

Maybe it’s your laugh or some fact about you that you just cannot help but share upon meeting people. What is your unmistakable unmissable trait?

Anyways, I hope you find at least some of these intriguing enough to answer. I’d really love to read some of your responses and I’m looking forward to them!

Day 201

Man: 169 Loneliness: 32

11 thoughts on “Day 201: The Man and the Open-Ended Quiz; ‘Ten’

  1. i keep going away from this because i like it but i don’t have answers to all 10, then coming back to see if maybe i do… hesitant to “like” it or you’ll know i’ve read it and not responded, but since i want you to know i “like” it, and since you do so much work for us in your beautifully written, thought-provoking life adventures, the least we can do is flood you with responses. here’s my go with what i got & if i ain’t got it i’ll tell you so:
    1.lasagna. not just cuz, well, best food ever, but the layers are like my life, some meaty, some cheesy, some saucy…and there’s the drama when i crave it but don’t have it, the comedy of trying to locate it when i must have it, the tragedy when i realize i’ve eaten the last of it
    2.a.) i’m a purist, not a fan of remakes. the best way to make your original great film live on is see it in a different setting…i saw the wizard of oz in central park with a whole bunch of other people, laying on blankets, with a backdrop of breezing trees, at sunset; saw hard days night on the deck of a cruise ship, clear sky, a zillion stars. b) i think the reason the lethal weapon franchises work is that we all miss these people, look forward to catching up with them, because they do progress and grow… they’re like old friends of ours & they’re sincere & not just regurgitating an old plot line from the 1st in the series.
    3.not a big foodie.
    4. sleep
    5.i’d send my son, wherever he’s willing to go. he needs to get out more.
    6.sleep is heavenly, i would never want to give that up, so food. and since#3 above, won’t be a problem.
    7.i don’t remember! life has been a waking nightmare lately! not enough sleep!
    8.10 years. i’d find a better doctor sooner…or, since you’re letting me keep the knowledge, i’d have nowhere near as many medical problems. and i could make my kid go to college when he had the chance. and make way better stock picks!
    9. i think about it for a bit, then forget, until the next time a rumble goes down, then i listen, forget again and realize it’s 9:59 p.m. and i still haven’t eaten yet.
    10. i think i’m funnier than they do.

    well look at you making me write a bunch. very clever. go, you.

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    • To be fair, this would actually be one of those rare instances where viewership would require participation too. Hahah. I’m glad you decided to take on this task and with such gusto and reflection. It gave me a great read to look forward to this morning.
      1. You remind me of Garfield in this aspect. I’ve never actually had lasagna outside of the Stouffer’s ready-frozen variety. It definitely seems too tiresome to make, and I haven’t really found many restaurants that do it justice I feel. But I LOVE lasagna sheets to cook with. Just not in a lasagna sense. Hahah.
      2. I never thought of that option! That’s brilliant! You’re absolutely right. Breathe new life into an old favorite, and give so many others an opportunity to discover it, by making it a whole new experience! I’ve always wanted to do one of those movies in the park deals. If they ever do Ferris Bueller I’ll be the first one on the lawn. Great response!
      9. I don’t think I could live like that! The only time I ever go long periods without eating is if I can’t decide what I want. If my heart and mind isn’t into the meal, I’d rather wait and figure out what I want then just settle for anything. There would be times where either I have too many options or too little and I spend so much time in deliberation, like you, I suddenly realize it’s too late anyways!
      10. Your poems are certainly funnier, of that I am sure. So I would think that translates pretty well and pretty quickly into real life too.
      Thanks for the responses~

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