Day 199: The Man and the Missed Anniversary; ‘Oversight’

Today would have been our anniversary.

the office

When we first started dating back in college, we wanted some time just to test the waters, no need to rush. We made it official on January 23rd because we liked the idea of ‘1-2-3’. Easy to remember, and you could make a wish on a day like that. Hahah.

When we got back together last year, or were in the process of doing so, I asked her out for our first date on January 23rd. It’s kind of crazy to think that an entire year has already past. We didn’t even make it to the halfway point.

January 23rd has therefore always been an important day for me. Either I had something to celebrate, or something to miss. This is the first year I can say with full confidence that though I might not have something really to celebrate (other than being a day short of the big 200!) I also have nothing I could say that I miss.

But it is an interesting coincidence though that on this 23rd of January I do have to say goodbye.

Image result for hot pot gifOh maybe I should clarify! I’m not going anywhere. Slight trolling on my part. Hahah. Actually this is more of a reflection on the weekend; as most of you regular readers know I had my annual hot pot/sleepover over the weekend. Or at least, I tried to.

We do this every year and every year I am a more than willing host, partly because my parents love to vacation for months at a time and partly (mainly) because I am the only one in our group who ever offers to host or else we’d have had to do this at some overpriced restaurant every time. And every year we treat it as an opportunity to let loose and get drink just a bit more than usual because everyone stays overnight and then we have a big Filipino (read: hangover cure) breakfast the next morning. It’s a big tradition in our group. I thought these meant something to people. Maybe traditions have lost their significance. Maybe we’re all after the newest things, consumers of trends rather than bastions of tradition. Or maybe I’ve put too much into people whose only fault is that they just don’t care. Like at all.

Aside from the assumption of longstanding tradition, I have the written texts of all my friends confirming they were ready, able, and committed to this weekend’s events. It is not until the very day as I am picking them up at their homes (again, the idea was everyone would stay) that every single one of them tells me that they will not be spending the night.

Image may contain: foodI hate to say it but internally I immediately reverted back to my 7-year old self, thinking ‘well that’s fine, I didn’t want to hang out with you anyways, pfffbt’. The truth is it hurts. I feel like a child who’s been walking around holding something in my hands and wanting to show it off to other people and tell them how valuable it is and someone takes one look at it and tells me all I’ve actually got is some dirt or trash.

Apart from all of that and despite having to cut festivities short, we did have a pretty great time though. That’s the thing of it. We can always make a great time of whatever we do. Image may contain: foodWe had plenty of food, music playing in the background while we ate and drank, and the communal nature of a hot pot (everyone placing different things into the boiling broth and fishing out whatever catches their eye) really brought us together while eating. We had to do the grocery shopping together, we prepped all the ingredients together, set everything up, and took everything down. I had a giant Jenga tower for us to play (penalty shots of course) and then we whipped up some meringue and made a baked Alaska for dessert. While everyone was sobering up we played some Crabs Adjust Humidity (not an auto-correct typo, a great copycat game of Cards Against Humanity with better cards) and my friend even brought back souvenirs from his trip to Japan with his girlfriend.

Image may contain: foodSunday I had the day to myself again. I cleaned the house, just as I did the week before in preparation, loaded/unloaded the dishwasher, went grocery shopping, and realized I was just as happy as I was on Saturday, only minus the disappointment. Which means I can’t fault my friends. The only thing preventing me from being happy was me. And I think it’s because I’ve placed too much on these relationships. It’s hard to admit that maybe I’ve placed more value on our friendship than my friends have, but I feel that now that I have come to acknowledge this, I can be happier and enjoy and appreciate my friendship with them more, seeing it for what it really is. And that’s not to say that my friends don’t care or that I am anything less to them; it’s that I overestimated how much they cared and how much I am. But if I can successfully live in that ‘gold zone’ and be more realistic and aware, I think we’d all be better off.

I thought that the great tragedy this weekend was that I had been slighted. I wanted to be Image may contain: foodthe victim, to take offense at what I thought was being treated like an oversight. That is absolutely not the case. I’ve been thinking about ‘are these friends right for me’ and ‘what am I still getting out of maintaining these friendships’ but the truth is, I had a great time Saturday. We can still have great times together and I have no reason to want to change or leave. I do want to grow, and find people who might actually care at the same level and intensity and with the same openness and intention as I do, but I am still glad to have the friends I have.

Image may contain: foodAm I a little disappointed that their actions this past weekend clearly reflect that I’ve been pursuing much more in a well that ran out? Yes, a little. But I don’t say goodbye to my friends. I just have to say goodbye to these expectations and continue to search out. It must have been the same for when I was dating her. I placed way more into that relationship than I got out. But I am no victim and she was no villain. It’s important to get out of that ‘victim mentality’. I loved her deeply. I thought there was some great injustice to what happened between us. But I had invested too much, expected too much, in a well that was much more shallow then I could try to draw out of. It is not the fault of the well when your bucket hits the bottom. It is simply time to move on. Don’t hold on to any perceived slight, look towards more and better and deeper.

Day 199

Man: 167 Loneliness: 32

9 thoughts on “Day 199: The Man and the Missed Anniversary; ‘Oversight’

  1. Hey. I know this one was supposed to be full of wisdom and optimism and moving on blah and all that, but I’m saddened by the post. In all honestly. Can’t pinpoint as to why, though. All’s well that ends well, Man. And maybe next time, get them so drunk they can’t leave. Hahah. Kidding.
    It does sound like you have really nice friends. Hope you do find more people you can connect with. Have fun on 200th celebration tomorrow!

    And see what I did there? I did not even mention the fact the WP seems to be helping you. Firstly, the 143 post. Then now, the dailyprompt on the 23rd. Whoa! Talk about WP’s oversight! Hahh. I know you’re laughing. K. Bye.Adios.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually today’s ‘devastation’ is the perfect opportunity to talk about Let It Die. I’m so obsessed! I’m not even good. Hahah. I’m too afraid of getting raided that I’m spending all my time beefing up defenses rather than actually climbing the tower. Wonder if there’s a metaphor in that…
      My friends are really good, I have no doubt. And I’m not just saying that because in 165 days they might be reading this. Hahah. Don’t be sad. I still have them, they still have me, and if anything, my world will get better for being bigger.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahah! Boy stuff… It’d be cool if it were DOTA and there’s skirmish. Kinda like a trial run but with the same feel. Hahah. LoL. At least it’s how I treat it. You should just go to battle and LET IT DIE! Bwahahah! And I bet you can always go back to prev point if you do, right? I am sure get better at dying, at some point. That’s the best encouragement you can get. Bleeh.
        Nah. Still sad, I treat friendships like sacred ground and when I see, hear, read, know, about people who don’t treat it like I do, I get disappointed. IFYKWIM. But for now, yeah, at least you both have yourselves. Cheers to more years of friendship to you and your pals! Esp. those who don’t suck at Let It Die!

        Liked by 1 person

        • One of the cool mechanics is you can send fighters you aren’t using yourself or are defending your base to ‘invade’ other people’s games. They become ‘hunters’ who try to kill the other person and take their resources for my own. And if you die in the game your body becomes a ‘hater’ who roams around other people’s games just killing (not collecting resources). You either have to go back to the same floor you died on, find it, and kill it, or pay to have it returned to you. It’s one of the cool collaborative ever-changing aspects of the game.

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  2. I feel so bad! I don’t know how it happened but somehow you were deleted from my following list 😰😢😪😭 I only knew you had been writing when I saw Cheryl’s reply to your challenge….. I feel so bad that I was not around to comfort you in your hour of need!

    Joking aside (bet your glad I’m back) eh 😜 it did make me feel sad reading your post but then 💡lightbulb moment, you have grown so much as a person. Your not defined by your friends anymore in fact I think although they will all still be your friends but you are out growing them.

    It seems to me that life is telling you it’s time to move on. This year I predict big changes for you, all good 😊 ( where the hell did that come from) I worry about myself sometimes….. psychic moment perhaps.

    Anyway I’m back 🙊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank goodness for the interactions of everyone on here or else you might have gone on longer! I was beginning to wonder. I thought maybe apartment woes were taking your time. You certainly did miss a lot of important stuff but glad you caught up. I think I did alright while you were gone. Hahah. Glad to have my breakfast buddy back!


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