Day 191: The Man and the First Solo Culinary Adventure; ‘Exquisite’

Image result for no united airlinesOh my god. If you have to fly and you ever have the choice between United and literally anything else, I highly recommend you choose something else. My brother’s trip was off to quite the inauspicious start. I dropped my brother off yesterday at Newark airport with plenty of time to spare. His flight was scheduled to leave at 1pm, we were already hugging and saying goodbye by 10am. I made sure he had everything, told him he was going to be fine, to be safe, that I would miss him, and I saw my little brother walk off for his first real taste of adventure.

At least…I thought I did.

I get back to an empty, quiet home, and before I can finish contemplating how I feel about that, I get the text message from him.

Flight delayed. Won’t be leaving til 7pm.’

Okay, there’s a problem there. He has a connection in Hong Kong to get to Manila, there’s only a two hour window between the two flights. He’s definitely going to miss this.

Take your itinerary to the gate agent. Let her know what’s going on. Stress that you are traveling alone ESPECIALLY to surprise your mother in the PHILIPPINES. They’ll get you on the next best flight or take care of the connection.’

If any of you happen to follow me on Twitter, you’ll know what happened next. When this happened to me with JetBlue I took to Twitter and they not only helped me get on my next flight, they upgraded my seat, gave me extra miles and future travel credit, and when I jokingly mentioned how hungry I was and how much I love the blue Terra chips, they had an agent bring me ten. I’d never felt so special and so appreciated by an airline before. I told my brother to get a Twitter, and what followed was a complete mess of him telling his story on Twitter, me liking and retweeting, both of us trying to get United attention, and both of us trying to get him out of this situation.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, first his gate was changed last minute to Image result for travel stress gifbe across the airport. Second it was delayed further because they didn’t tell the catering crew and so their plane’s food was at the old gate. Third they were on board waiting to take off because the plane had to be ‘de-iced’. Fourth, as they are preparing for takeoff, the captain informs them they’ve reached their FAA limit and can no longer legally fly and they will need a new crew. Fifth, they can’t, so they end up CANCELING the flight altogether. Sixth, you’ve got an entire plane now of distraught travelers and only one gate agent and one customer service desk.

Ultimately they had to reschedule my brother for an early morning flight on Sunday. Which was still better than most, as a family of four wouldn’t be accommodated until Monday. They offered him only $20 food credit for the inconvenience and were going to put him up at a hotel, but I picked him up again and just had to bring him back at 4am. Fun times. United didn’t even give him extra miles or anything. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Come on guys, really?!

I dropped him off and there’s been no trouble at least since. He’s on his way to Hong Kong and by the time I wake up tomorrow he should be in the Philippines to surprise our mother. Meanwhile I’ve been living it up all domestic style. I did some grocery shopping, cleaned the house, cleaned the bathrooms, did the laundry, and prepped my meals for the week. I even hooked up some Bluetooth speakers around the house so I could play music from my phone while moving around the house. And some of you will be very happy to know, I kept all my clothes on, despite a past post to the contrary. Hahah.
Wanted to share with you all the first of the next couple weeks’ culinary adventures. Japanese umaki (eel omelet), shrimp tom yum noodle soup, and Thai iced tea. The eel was particularly tasty, marinating it first in eel sauce and grilling it before wrapping it in a sweet Japanese style egg omelet. The soup had a spicy richness that was cut with lemongrass and lime and the sweet shrimp. I made a whole pitcher of Thai tea and opened up a can of sweetened condensed milk so anytime this week I can make myself a cool tall glass of that uniquely dark, sweet flavor. My dinner was tasty, filling, and not to pat myself on the back too much but, dare I say, exquisite.

Good start to the month, looking forward to more!




Day 191

Man: 160 Loneliness: 31

14 thoughts on “Day 191: The Man and the First Solo Culinary Adventure; ‘Exquisite’

  1. Sorry about your brother’s flight problems. Hope he has a better time on his return. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I suppose there is dancing around since you installed the new speakers? Now all you need is a partner!😉


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    • I got the message this morning he landed in Manila. So excited to see the update when he surprises our mother. I hope there’s a video. Hahah. I’m sure his trip is going to be a blast now.
      There was indeed dancing AND singing!


    • Yeah, forget United. So many better airlines. And yes he did and he surprised my mother and all our relatives because no one knew he was coming! And then every time afterwards when there was someone at the gate they were all excited because they thought it would be me next. Hahah.

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            • Not recent, but it did just boom in popularity. It’s a free-to-play game and it hit over a million downloads recently. I just started playing and it’s SO GOOD. It’s an online hack and slash survival/raiding thing. The style is incredible, super sleek and so cool looking, the fighting is great and gory, and you can have a whole stable of fighters and alternate between them. I only mention it because you can form teams to go on raids on other people and I’ve started my little collection of fighters and I’m naming them all after my readers and commenters. Hahah.

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              • Hahah! That is cool! Imma look for the game specifics on the net. Since gore is involved, I doubt there’s a mage there. Or a berserker. LoL. But if by chance one is, I’m one! Pretty please?! Hahah.

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                • Saw your response on Twitter about checking out the gameplay. It’s such a fun game! Honestly I’m so worried about not wanting to die I’m just grinding the same floors over and over but even then I don’t feel like I am and I still love it! I can make a fighter class for you and give her like, buzzsaws. You’ll be badass. Or a really fun weapon is using a red hot iron to burn people and blind them with steam power! Hahah.

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