Day 187: The Man and the Good Fortune; ‘Cling’

Hello again everyone! I am back from my stay in Atlantic City and had a great time!

Image may contain: dessert and foodOn Friday before heading to AC I did have work. That was when my coworkers all surprised me with the card and cupcakes! I was so taken aback that I didn’t know what to do so I hid underneath the table. The cupcakes were delicious, but super super sweet. I think I’m getting like, old-person sensitive to sweets now. I used to be able to eat super sweet things with no problem, but now they are starting to hurt my teeth and my head. I used to love 3 Musketeers bars but every since maybe two years ago I fear they changed their recipe and it lost the chewy marshmallowy goodness and replaced it with sugary air that immediately deflates the moment you bite into it.

The other great part about Friday is that it wasbuzz-bartender the first Friday of the month, and as is company tradition on the first Friday of every month the work stops at 4 and we start drinking! We open up the office ‘Buzz Bar’ and we have a few company announcements and after that it is straight to drinks and light snacks. Now every month the office ‘Fun Squad’ as they’re called have to canvas the building for volunteers to run the bar. I’ve never been able to sign up for this but finally FINALLY I get my chance to be one of the three person team who runs the bar during the party. One of the other guys happened to be a fellow slip ‘n slider so we knew each other from then and the other guy was just in general really fun and easy to get along with. There were some leftover Christmas decorations which is why I decided to wear the reindeer horns, the other guy wore a Santa hat, and the other wore a big red nose like Rudolph. I loved the adrenaline of pouring drinks and serving and checking inventory, supplies, lifting up huge heavy buckets full of beer and ice and soda and popping champagne bottles and twisting off wine corks. In fact the three of us had so much fun we decided to become bartenders ad infinitum! So looking forward to the first Friday in February.

On Saturday my family and I ate at my favorite local sushi restaurant. My friends and I go here a lot and like to bring a bottle (or two) of sake and spend hours there just ordering piece after piece. The owner is a friendly man (and to be honest I kinda have a crush on his daughter, though she’s away for three years right now) and it’s fun to just be somewhere where you know them and they know you. In fact when he and his wife found out it was my birthday, they brought over a whole plate full of sushi with birthday candles and I got to blow them out and eat even more! I was already pretty full though because before I decided to grab a round with my friend at a local brewery that I’ve been going to since they opened last year. I’m pretty friendly with the owner and I chat a lot with the bartender and when she found out it was my birthday also, I got two free rounds! Which was great because that meant I could pocket those free birthday drinks from my friend and cash in sometime later. Hahah. In the Philippines we are a fiercely loyal people when it comes to our favorite places and brands. Ask any Filipino for a recommendation in their town and they will convince you that they know the best place to get x, y, or z because they’ve been going there since forever. It is much the same with me and my family. But this is the upside of having your favorite go-to spots versus say maybe choosing to try a different place each time. You get to know the people, the product, you get to create relationships and connections, and you get to enjoy the benefits of becoming a real regular. We have a term for being a regular, we call it ‘tsuki’.

Atlantic City was a lot of fun as well. Great food: late night delivery of an authentic Chinese restaurant (we got salt and pepper squid, Peking ribs, crispy duck, crab and corn soup, broccoli with white sauce, and Singapore chow mei fun because you need noodles on your birthday for good luck and long life), shrimp and squid Hong Kong style over noodles with XO sauce at Noodle Village inside the Bally’s Casino, and happy hour oysters and drinks and sliders at Phillips Seafood. I lost $300 the first night on roulette and the table version of Hold ‘Em, but the second night out of fun I decided to play the Willy Wonka machine. I don’t really like slots but I LOVE Willy Wonka and this was the original movie with Gene Wilder. They played movie clips when you hit anything and while you were spinning you could sing along to songs and they had a hilarious Oompa Loompa bonus and Golden Eggs and you could pop bubbles from the Fizzy Lifting Drink and I had so much fun singing along and dancing and popping bubbles I didn’t even realize I had won $100 already! So I walked away while I was up and decided to do something else. I tried roulette one more time, hit my number three times in a row, was up another $100! Finally went back to Hold ‘Em and got some good hands and was up $150! So overall, ended up winning $350 in a night but being up just $50 for the weekend. Still it was a great time. And it was fun because I got to enjoy the weekend with my parents before they left for the Philippines (they have since landed safely and are enjoying their time). My brother leaves in a day and I will be dropping him off at the airport, and then it’s just me! I’m in no rush yet to invite friends over, I think I’ll enjoy this first weekend just being on my own and I’ll start planning what recipes I’d like to try. Hahah.

It’s been a great past few days and I’m feeling really good. Glad to have had that time off.

Oh and as an extra bonus, here is the long-awaited footage of my company’s slip and slide! Now a few notices first: there are TWO Santas. One much larger than me, and then my Santa wearing the oversized sunglasses. The bigger one, every time he slide, maybe made it three feet if any. I was a bit more aerodynamic so when you see one going further, that’s me. Hahah. You’ll also notice because of the sunglasses and that on one slide I decided to ‘Vogue’ it up and strike a pose at the end. Hahah. Also, as a bit of advice for future if you plan on doing this, wear something sleek and non-slip, not a thick cotton jacket, or else the fabric will cling and you won’t get any distance!

Day 187

Man: 156 Loneliness: 31


19 thoughts on “Day 187: The Man and the Good Fortune; ‘Cling’

  1. Spotted! Nice to know you’ve had a great time. More will come, I’m sure. And I will take this opportunity to laugh at your ‘tsuki’ . Hahaha! Sounded a lot like Japanese and I was right! I googled it to be sure! It’s ‘suki’ man. Suki. 🙂
    Have a blast out there!

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    • It was a blast. Oh and misleading wording on my part I think! I started eating at this place two years ago, and around that time she started her tour of duty which is going to run for three years. We started eating at the place like right before she left but we went so often we still got to keep seeing her and I got to know more about her. Oh and yes, that’s me. I have pictures on here spattered here and there but all with blurred faces. JUUUST in case somehow someway someone finds this blog and MIIIGHT know me, wanna try to not reveal my identity. Hahah. Not yet.

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