Day 125: The Man and the Heavy Heart

I’m going to be honest with you all. I have wanted to, and have since successfully and with no real trouble, stay out of the politics of my country. I did not want to discuss my own views or my own beliefs because I believed that my fellow Americans shared the same beliefs and values and that I would not need to contribute one more voice that would simply echo what I thought was the resounding sentiment of my country.


And to be honest again, I had a whole post written to express my emotions and opinions on this election. When I started to open that gate it all flowed out. But I have since deleted it and removed it because I still believe this is not my place.

But I will have to apologize and say that with the current events happening tonight I haven’t been able to find it within myself to write anymore today. I’ll need to take a mulligan for Tuesday because my heart just isn’t into it to write about things like love and hope and romance.

Tomorrow will be a very different world. But no matter what, love will still be there, hope will still be there, and I will still be there to continue my writing. But tonight I am tired and sad and disappointed and I need to let the world turn where it may.


14 thoughts on “Day 125: The Man and the Heavy Heart

    • Yeah after Thursday I just…I took inventory of what I had and was thankful for, made sure my family was okay, and just shut off everything. We’ve got sore losers, sore winners, and I don’t want to see or hear or get caught up in anything that could affect my relationships. I drank a lot this weekend though so, you know, that helped. Cheers.

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