Day 111: The Man and the Missing Person’s Report

Apologies for the lack of writing.

Weekend was very eventful. Will have to share when opportunity arises. Went to Six Flags Fright Fest with my friends, and got to spend a great afternoon/evening with my cousin in the city. (Man +3)

Work has suddenly picked up and become quite demanding. With very little advance notice my boss has put me back on the road to help our branches. An update that was not supposed to be released yet was released prematurely, which caused a huge mass of confusion among consultants. In the resulting backlash I’ve been attempting to do damage control, but my visibility has me taking most of the hits as a result. (Loneliness +1)

My parents left today to go on a vacation with my aunt to Yosemite and California. I am rushing home each night to make sure my brother is taken care of and I do not want to leave him alone. I’m tired and I’m sorry for running behind on writings. Still have plenty left to say and I’ve got plenty more topics to discuss! I hope to be writing to you all again very soon.

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