Day 72: The Man and the Road Home; ‘Slog’

Update on the work situation after a week on the road with the new girl.

There’s a four hour slog ahead of me tomorrow to get from Syracuse, NY back home. I’ll have no problem with four hours on the road. It’s the four hours in the car that’ll whittle my senses down to the bone.

No, that’s especially harsh; that was uncalled for. But quite good, no?

The truth of the matter is I can’t stand her vaping in the car. The window has to stay open to release the smoke and it causes a terrible noise that hurts my ears and gives me a headache. She makes Asian jokes because I eat ‘strange things’ to her (I ordered sushi). Drives take extra long because we have to take multiple pit stops along the way.

But the true, truer truth of the matter is…at least now there’s two of us. Two to answer emails. Two to travel. Two to handle calls. And in that respect I am appreciative. I can work with her. She seems to learn quickly (we’ll see how much she processes over the weekend). I now at the very least have a work companion.

I am a very reserved person; I do not like crowds and I am not really one for socializing. I don’t know if it’s the company I work for or a thing in general, but I don’t understand the constant push and pressure for people to constantly be together. Was it rude of me to decline her invitation because I would honestly prefer to sit here in my hotel room writing while she went off to the nearby mall? I haven’t been so uncouth as to force her to eat alone; we’ve always had our meals together but with us finishing so early today I wanted to use the opportunity to write instead of socialize.

Maybe I am too used to either being with friends and family or being alone on the road. This middle ground is murky and the outline is too foggy to really see clearly. I think I’ve been balancing the line pretty well though.

I understand as adults it is difficult to foster relationships with other people because life becomes so controlled by work and home. This is probably why most adults make friends of coworkers. I’m not looking for that though. Is it so wrong to want to keep coworkers coworkers? I don’t snub them in conversation. I don’t ignore them. I enjoy catching up and spending the occasional lunch with some of the other people who work back in HQ. But with five days on the road together constantly being in each other’s face I need some alone time to recharge.

All I’m trying to say is, the week went by okay. The stores were fine, I focused more on training her while she focused on training consultants. I’ve not made such a disaster of the trip and have been able to enjoy myself. Some fine meals, a few nice conversations, a relief not to have to always be driving. Just…someone tell me it’s okay to not have to be friends with people you work with or spend all the time with them.


9 thoughts on “Day 72: The Man and the Road Home; ‘Slog’

  1. Vaping? She makes me ashamed to be a millennial. Also, sushi isn’t strange, it is relatively normal. I don’t really like sushi, but I don’t consider it out of the ordinary. Being around her would drive me nuts. And I don’t think it is a crime not to want to be friends with your co-workers. If you ask me, it causes a lot of problems when you get very close to them.

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    • She was more shocked that I didn’t vape. I don’t remember when that became a mandatory accessory. Hahah. I don’t mind if someone isn’t into sushi. But a little open-mindedness would be appreciated. Oh well. Like I said, at least it’s half the work load on me from now on. Glad you agree with me! Hahah.

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  2. Sushi is so mainstream anymore that someone making a comment seems “otherworldly.” Vaping. Heh. I’ll guess we’ll just leave it with: heh. 🙂

    Absolutely fine not to be friends with all of your co-workers. Just not possible. Too many different personalities. I used to work so many hours, long days that my only friends were people I worked with. But not all the people I worked with were friends…..
    good luck!

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  3. I used to get annoyed by this girl that would eat her apple really loud every day in the office. I’m sure that’s a problem with me, but I don’t know that I’ve fixed it. I should have suggested that she blend it into a smoothie with kale because all of the cool kids do it, haha.

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