Day 65 Supplemental: The Man and Challenge Answered; ‘Elegant’

For today’s prompt I decided to stretch out of my comfort zone to honor the efforts and an agreement made between two parties. Please pardon the interruption to your regular broadcast as I attempt something I am very much not good at. Oh and don’t worry, I’m still flying high. This is not meant to be for any particular person.

Unanswered Unnoticed Elegance

Elegant Silhouette.jpg

My words are oft large, clunky, heavy phrases

but you are soft and light.

So how can one as unrefined as I

capture the beauty in my sight?

If I could I would wrap you in miles of dedicated words

but your beauty is one that will not wait.

And so, my love, while I have you here

it is the wild tempest of my head whose thoughts I must abate.

How does one who knows so little of these things

frame the luxuriousness of your hair?

How do I distill in words to tell you plainly

of a love, unrequited, pure, an admiration unaware?

I must find the way to speak, sophisticatedly

to match the feeling of your presence.

I have to shed the formalities, the grandiose

to speak truly to your essence.

Your face is a reflection of starlight

I am absorbed in its beauty.

I have no power when I am in your gaze

your eyes take me to infinity.

You hold yourself with such grace and poise

your slender arms reach out with tenderness.

I see in you a rest, a repose

a cure to a wandering soul’s loneliness.

Your spirit is curious and unrestrained

your words are lifted lightly on gentle fairy’s wings.

I hang on every word you say

of hopes and dreams and wishes and other secret things.

Have I even slightly triumphed to capture your wit or strength or humor

can my superficial words come close to your elegance?

Or am I simply crippled by your touch

or struck dumb by my arrogance?

Of all the things I am most sure

Death, taxes, the setting sun, and the rising sea.

There is none as sure as this:

that you will never notice me.

Elegant Man.jpg

30 thoughts on “Day 65 Supplemental: The Man and Challenge Answered; ‘Elegant’

  1. So you’re joking when you say your not good at poetry? I thought this piece was really well written. The words wove together beautifully. This is why I fell in love with V.C. Andrews writing. As an avid fan of Dead Poet’s Society, it goes to show that words are made to woo woman.

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  2. Challenge met! A beautiful poem . That came from within, I think maybe when you write your day to day posts you can almost write them as a third person, if that makes sense, you can step out of yourself and write freely. I am the opposite of you because my poems flow and my posts are deeper reaching because I have to expose much deeper feelings. Your a hero, please throw another poem our way again soon😀

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    • It was definitely a great experience stretching what I am usually comfortable with. I enjoyed that and I’m glad you liked the result. There’s certainly something very deep and personal with how one chooses to write and express but it’s good practice to keep investigating and trying other mediums. I’ll certainly try again sometime and hope I get better along the way. Thanks for reading.


    • Thanks so much for reading and saying so! The scores correspond to the days. The original purpose of this blog was to help me work through a year of being single and not rushing into or chasing for relationships. The M days are the Man days. When I am confident, comfortable, happy. The L days are the Loneliness days. When I feel the strain, when I feel insecure, when I am overcome with missing whether it’s my most recent failed relationship or simply the state of being in one. I’m trying to assure myself, and anyone else who might ever need this, that one can be happy, content, fulfilled, on their own. And that, in fact, might be one of the biggest secrets to a successful relationship.

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