Day 59: The Man and the Daily Prompt; ‘Melody’

I was initially going to write about my relationship with music and how prevalent it is in my life, and I was actually partly done with all that but…something didn’t feel right. I was writing about music, which would have been a transition from ‘melody’, but it just didn’t…fit. The relationship was a stretch in my mind and I felt like I wasn’t addressing the true nature of the prompt. Not that there is any ‘true nature’. There aren’t even any rules. It’s really all about feeling. In my heart and in my gut there was a cacophony when reading aloud my writing and trying to invoke how it could relate to ‘melody’. It just didn’t sound right to me.

The true, actual definition of ‘melody’ is not necessarily ‘music’. It is simply the ‘pleasing arrangement of sound’. A ‘satisfying sequence of single notes’.  Do you know what that means? It means anything can be a beautiful melody.

I am sitting here at my desk at work and now that the words and the thoughts are coherent and cohesive and my passion is behind it the satisfying sound of each key being hit has become a melody of productivity and creativity. Each key does, in my opinion, have its own unique sound so the sound of each word being typed is different. Quite literally there is a song being played as I write these words and I am enjoying the composition.

Laughing.gifThe sound of certain people’s voices can be a melody. A beautiful young woman’s voice as she smiles and flirts with you is a melody of attraction and possibility. An honest laugh is an irresistible melody of sweet notes.



The sense of hearing is oft-overlooked when there is so much to see and feel and even taste but there is a sensual, tantalizing melody to intimacy too. The syncing of your heavy breaths. The sound of fabric as it falls to the floor. The rustling of sheets. The colliding of bodies.

Beef.gifI have a very specific playlist just for listening to while I cook, but even then I am not deaf to the melody of the kitchen. I love the sound of a fast-moving knife on a thick wooden cutting board. I immediately begin to drool when I hear that satisfying sizzle of meat when it hits a red-hot pan. To the trained ear there is a very distinct difference between the soothing melody of swiftly boiling water and the uproar of a pot spilling over.

Even certain individual words or arrangements of words have as much appeal to the ear as it does to the eye or the mind. Brood sounds just as it feels. Like a heavy hand striking deep low chords on a piano. A short and sullen explosion of notes. I personally love ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds so stringing them skillfully should sound sexy and chic. There are words that just taste good on the tongue and tickle the lips and sound superbly satisfying. Ask someone to describe something they are passionate about and they begin to sound almost like they are literally ‘singing’ its praises.

Most importantly, close your eyes and seek the melody in your surroundings. It’s not always just white noise and cacophony. If you love something, you’ll love it with all your senses. You are constantly surrounded by beautiful unstrung melodies.

Day 59

Man: 43 Loneliness: 16



9 thoughts on “Day 59: The Man and the Daily Prompt; ‘Melody’

  1. “I personally love ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds so stringing them skillfully should sound sexy and chic.” Then you would love my name it begins with the “Sh” sound lol. Beautifully written. Listening to the sounds all around us reminds me of the movie of August Rush, if you have seen it then you would understand.

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