Day 54 Supplemental: The Man and the Daily Prompt; ‘Obvious’

Obvious: You can’t lick your own elbow.

Not obvious: Why the first person tried and then asked someone else to.

Obvious: The sky is blue.

Not obvious: The color of the underwear of the person next to you.

ObviousRight and wrong.

Not obvious: The right thing to do.

Obvious: The sun will rise.

Not obviousThe world that it will rise on.

Obvious: Hunger.

Not obvious: What to eat tonight.

Obvious: Fire is hot.

Not obvious: The woman sitting at the other side of the room is too. For you.

Obvious: All things must end.

Not obvious: How do things begin.

Obvious: You’re leaving me.

Not obvious: Your heart.

Obvious: My back.

Not obvious: Your knife.

ObviousI will be stronger.

Not obvious: When.

Captain Obvious.jpg

15 thoughts on “Day 54 Supplemental: The Man and the Daily Prompt; ‘Obvious’

  1. Today I was able to catch up all the way through Day 19. Then, I decided I wanted to check out something more recent. It’s not cheating, just today’s daily prompt had me curious. I love your take on it. A few similarities I discovered while I was catching up… I, too, love movies. I actually prefer to watch them at home alone. It’s my quiet time when the kids and my husband are elsewhere, usually sleeping. I agree that movies allow you a brief escape or break from your reality. Even when your life is close to perfect, it’s nice to not have to think for a while. I also have family in the Philippines and I plan EVERYTHING. LOL! And, I have never tried Pho, but I could almost taste it the way you vividly described it. I definitely plan on experiencing Pho the first chance I get. 😊

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