Day 46: The Man and the Haunting; ‘ Ghost’


What will the size of your ghost be?

We leave fleeting impressions on the world. Our existence is just the tiniest drop in the tiniest part of the large and infinite expanse of reality. But even a tiny drop, consistent enough, can make a mark on rock.

If we focus enough on concentrated areas, the hazy mist of our existence begins to take shape.

Focus on friends and family, and your ghost will be as large as your family tree, as deep as its roots, and extend as far as the very last leaf on the very last branch.

Focus on your trade, and your ghost will be as widespread as the fraternal order of skilled artisans you have contributed to.

Focus on your craft, and your ghost will reach through to the physical realm in your body of work, living for as long as your medium is relevant.

Focus on others, and your ghost will live in the hearts of those you have touched with your work.

Focus too much on yourself, and your ghost will fade with you.

For as long as immortality continues to elude the lives of mortal men, the best we can do to fend off the deep and profound fear of obscurity and oblivion is to tend to the ghost we leave behind.

I hope I love my friends and family enough. I hope they feel the presence of my affection and care long after I am gone.

I hope I find fulfillment and purpose in my career and that what I do is recognized and respected by my peers.

I hope my words find home in the hearts and minds of those who read it.

I hope to return some of the vast amount of blessings I have received in my life back to the world.

I hope to seek beyond my own understanding and my own reality to understand the tide that pulls and flows us all together.

We are all striking back against the wall, pushing against the barriers of our own mortality. As writers we scream and throw our words out into the void, trying to stake our place in the halls of memoriam. Do not concern yourself with immortality.

The grim but beautiful reality is that we have but a few decades to touch the world in some way. But without the luxury of time we are given a different gift. An impetus, a drive, a motivation that comes from being hyper-aware of our human condition. Do not squander this opportunity. Do not strive for more than your own ghost. Stretch every fiber, every tendon, every ligament of your being and reach as far into the forever as you can and know that your ghost will remain where you once stood for as long as you have fed it.

What will the size of your ghost be?


Day 46

Man: 30 Loneliness: 16

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