Day 44 Supplemental: The Man and the Daily Prompt; ‘Confused’


Not all confusion is the same.

There are the larger, semi-permanent states of confusion.

Who am I. What is my purpose. How does a good man live. When will my reflection show who I am inside.

There are the smaller, fluctuating villages of confusion.

Where did I place my keys. Why is the remote control in the refrigerator. How much is the doggy in the window.

There are the things we did not expect to confuse us.

Am I happy. Where am I going. Why is banana.

And yet still those that we knew would come back to confuse us one day.

What was I thinking. What have I done. Dude, where is my car.

There are times when confusion is a bad thing.

Who’s out there. Am I destined to be alone. Is it supposed to look that way.

And still others when confusion is a great thing.

Does she feel the same. Is she the one. Are you my lobster.

No matter what kind of confused you may be, there are some constant truths.

To be confused is to be at the very edge of human experience.

It is life and the pursuit of learning.

If you are confused, it means you are not content to sit idly by with what you already think you know.

Stay hungry. Stay learning. Stay confused.



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