Day 6 Supplemental: The Man Goes to the Movies

I mentioned in my previous post how much of an empowering experience going to the movies by yourself can be. It is a refuge from daily life and when you realize how much of it you can openly and honestly enjoy alone, it can be a sanctuary when the outside world feels like it is closing in on you and your loneliness.

Therefore I’d like to provide you, dear readers, with a few helpful tips on how to enjoy your movies alone and open up a world of possibility to the #committedlysingle people of the world. Enjoy.

The Man’s Pro-Tips to Enjoying Movies Alone

  1. Know Your Movie
    • Don’t wait until you get to the theatre to decide on what to watch. You know your tastes. You know what’s out. Pick the movie that you want to watch on your own. Maybe it’s a comedy you are too proud to admit you enjoy. Maybe it’s a horror because your friends are too scared or you’re scared and you don’t want your friends to see you jump. Just know that even though all movies are technically up for grabs, it’s on you if you choose to watch a romantic comedy. In February. Alone. I don’t know about you, but I’m not doing that again.So yeah, maybe not that. Oh another reason to have your movie ready: the longer you stand there making your decision the longer people notice you’re buying for one. Ticket.jpg
  2. Pick Your Time
    • If this is your first time trying this, be very aware of the time you pick to watch. Weekends are going to be busy. They’ll be packed. I like my weekday late night showings because there are few to no people in the theatre. I once watched the LEGO Movie with a completely empty room. I ran up and down the aisles during scenes. It’s definitely nice, but sometimes it can also drive even further the point of being alone. Some company, though technically removed, can be a strong comfort. A room full of strangers together for a common purpose can remind you that there are other connections to be felt and other relationships worth developing. Plus, don’t forget that aside from you and the person next to you, no one in that theatre knows that the two of you aren’t actually together.
  3. Enjoy a Snack
    • This is for YOU. Don’t forget that this is a time to celebrate your independence and your strength. So if YOU want a popcorn and a soda or a hotdog or nachos, get it and enjoy it. You don’t have to share! Maybe don’t get that large bucket then, remember to buy for one. No one can fault you for buttery fingers or nacho crumbs so enjoy freely. Plus you can’t focus on the empty feeling in your hands of wanting the warmth of someone else’s grip if you’re double-fisting a bag of popcorn and a large coke.
  4. Share Your Thoughts
    • This is something I cannot stress enough. I can’t tell you how glaringly different watching a movie on your own is until the movie is over and you realize…there’s no one to share with. There’s no after-movie discussion and dissection. You can’t enjoy the feeling of a shared experience and that fresh recollection that fuels conversation. That’s probably the hardest part of all, joking aside. Good movies fill you with emotions and thoughts. They don’t finish conversations, they start them. We should leave the theatre and feel like the world is more open and that the possibilities truly are endless. Good movies fill my head and I used to love having someone right there to just…unload. To deflate the pressure built up in me from processing so much in the past two hours. I was alive and frenetic and energized and I was at my best in those moments. The hardest part is getting used to the silence after the movie. So find a venue. Find an opportunity to share. Write something. Tell someone. Find others who’ve seen the movie. Your thoughts deserve to be shared and to float freely into the real world. Don’t let your thoughts die or fall on deaf ears.
  5. Own It
    • Everything is sold on your confidence. You have to know what you want and what you’re gonna do the moment you step into that theatre. You walk up to that ticket counter and ask for one ticket for your movie because you are here for you and no one else. You get the popcorn you can finish on your own and you splurge on that soda because they’re comforting and familiar and they complete the experience, not the person you’re missing. You sit down, you get comfortable, you feel like you belong there because it is your right to watch a movie on your own and not feel haunted by the absence. Then you share the experience afterwards and you know what, you let people know you saw it on your own. You plan next time to get dinner with your movie too. And you won’t sit at the bar. You’ll get yourself a table because you ARE a party. Of one. It’s scary. It feels empty and half-done. But it gets better with time. And you get stronger with each experience that you allow yourself to have alone.

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